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ICT Platform & Services Lead the way towards future intelligent society through cutting-edge ICT support Surpport icon
  • Intelligent Information Technology consulting

    • Intelligent Information Technology support based on AI Data Infrastructure
    • Establish infomatization plans for large-scale SOC projects
    • Build, operate and promote Public Smart Work Centers, Video conference
  • Realization of Smart platforms

    • Disseminate standard frameworks and expand the implementation of cloud computing for the central government and public entities
  • Enhancement of future ICT infrastructure

    • Establish strategies for ICT network development and for integrating and enhancing connectivity of telecommunication networks
    • Bridge the digital divide through public Wi-Fi networks and the Broadband Convergence Network(BcN) for agricultural and fishing communicatie
  • Technical support for vitalization of Big Data

    • Provide infrastructure including hardware and software resources for data analysis and data sets required by SMEs, universities, and research institutions
    • Support policy development for the balance between utilization and protection of personal data