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Project Overview

With the increasing demand for the establishment of a specialized educational institution that can introduce Korea’s excellent e-government to developing nations and share knowledge with them in the area, the e-Government Global Academy was established on January 2013 as the attachment to the National Information Society Agency, the informatization institution of Korea.

The Global Academy has developed various e-government and ICT-related education & training programs, and provided them for government officials from developing nations. Furthermore, it is supporting informatization consulting for developing nations by nurturing global e-government consultants. The Global Academy will do its utmost to achieve its vision of becoming the world’s best e-government & ICT academy. And based on Korea’s world-class e-government, the Global Academy will contribute to enhancing the informatization level of nations around the world, playing a pivotal role for the prosperous future of mankind.

About Courses

Customized Program
  • Trainee : Foreign government officials and employees of foreign public organizations.
  • Training Goal : To provide customized education and training that meet the needs of an e-government training recipient country.
  • Training Content : The Global Academy provides a short-term customized course of less than 2 weeks for government officials who visit Korea to learn Korea’s e-government. The course includes various lectures, study tours, workshops, etc. The program of the course varies according to trainees’ needs, organization, and job.
Lecture‧Discussion Study Tour Cultural Experience Workshop‧Seminar Tailored Planning

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)
e-Government training curriculum provided for government officials of country A
Date Time Category Program
Day 1 Orientation, Welcoming Ceremony, Lecture, Study Tour
Morning Event Orientation and welcoming ceremony
Afternoon Lecture Korea’s informatization strategy
Study Tour T-based future life experience
Day 2 Lecture, Cultural Experience
Morning Lecture Introduction to e-government standard framework
Afternoon Lecture Development environment for e-government standard framework
Cultural Experience Gyeongbokgung Palace/Gwanghwamun Square
Day 3 Lecture
Morning Lecture EA (Enterprise Architecture)
Afternoon Lecture m-Gov.
Workshop Workshop on problems and solutions of country A’s e-government policy
Day 4 Lecture
Morning Lecture Minwon 24
Afternoon Seminar Mobile platform
Day 5 Lecture, Completion Ceremony
Morning Lecture Cloud computing technology and policy
Afternoon Event Completion ceremony
Invitational Program
  • Trainee : e-Government policy-makers of ODA recipients.
  • Training Goal : To invite policy-makers of developing nations to Korea and provide examples and know-hows of Korea accumulated in the process of e-government establishment and service implementation.
  • Training Content : The Global Academy invites and trains high-level officials and working-level government workers of developing nations to convey the experiences of e-government establishment and operation. This course is fully funded by Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget. A recipient country will be selected through discussion between the relevant organizations. Application for these local training programs may close early due to ODA budget constraints.
For Policy-makers ODA’s Support Lecture‧Discussion Study Tour Cultural Experience

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)
Category Details Note
  • Korea’s e-government policy, legislation, services, etc.
  • Core technologies of e-government (e-government standard framework, cloud computing, etc.)
  • Future strategy and policy for promoting e-government
4 days
  • Workshop on e-government issues in which trainees take an interest
2 days
  • Seminar on the current e-government status of trainees’ countries
Study Tour
  • Tour through e-government best practices
  • Participation in an academic seminar on e-government
  • Experience of advanced IT
3 days
Cultural Experience
  • Experience of Korean culture
  • Welcoming ceremony, orientation, completion ceremony
Consultant Program
  • Trainee : Those who are experienced in e-government and ICT in the public and private sectors, and are interested in foreign consulting.
  • Training Goal : To nurture specialized e-government consultants who can pass on the e-government building experiences and know-how of Korea to developing nations, and who can suggest the optimal e-government policies and project directions that fit each local situation.
  • Training Content : The Global Academy provides intensive training courses to those people with the Korean e-government or ICT experiences, to help them grow as e-government global consultants. Those who successfully complete the course can work as e-government advisors or consultants for developing nations, working very closely with the nations in planning and implementing e-government projects. Also, the academy provides short-term, intensive courses for consultants, to grow those specialized consultants who are deeply knowledgeable of specific areas. Currently, the Global Academy has a lot of global consultants who has completed this consultant nurturing course, and their dispatch is possible if developing nations request it. These consultants, under the continuous support of the NIA and the Global Academy, will provide consulting services for developing nations.
For Local Residents Long-term‧Short-term
Support for Dispatch to
Developing Nations
Consultant Forum Seminar

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)

Education &Training Curriculum (Example)
Category Details Study Tour/Practical Training
1st week
  • Understanding of basic concepts of international development cooperation, informatization consulting, e-government, etc.
  • Driving force of Korea’s economic growth and roles of IT
  • e-Government strategy and policy by stage/area
  • Visit to an electronics industry exhibition hall to experience Korea’s economic development
2nd week
  • e-Government infrastructure(GIDC, Public Information Sharing System, etc.), establishment and operation of major G4C and G2B services
  • Visit to National Computing & Information Agency
  • Trip to observe the NID production process
  • Experience of new technologies at an ICT exhibition hall
3rd week
  • Establishment and operation of national and social infrastructure service (ITS, GIS, crimes, public security, national disaster management system, etc.)
  • Examples of the adoption of new IT in public service
  • e-Government-related technologies (e-government standard framework, cloud computing), methodology for e-government project management
  • Visit to u-Life Experience Center
4th week
  • Consulting methodology for the public sector’s informatization project
  • e-Government level diagnosis methodology for developing nations
  • Writing and presentation of a consulting report by using the consulting methodology for the public sector’s informatization project
  • Writing and presentation of a consulting report by using the e-government level diagnosis methodology for developing nations