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  We Establish a national AI strategy and institutional foundation for a safe AI era.

The Department of AI Policy identifies various policy agendas in response to changes in the global AI technology environment and supports the establishment of national AI policies by analysing future trends from a mid- to long-term perspective. It operates a collaborative system for the establishment of national AI policies, including assessing the social impact of the expansion of AI use, responding to social problems that may arise, identifying barriers to expansion and proposing remedies, and conducting research on ethics and stability to improve reliability.

It also provides knowledge information services such as digital policy research, national informatization white papers, diagnosis and analysis of social issues, and information society statistics, and analyses artificial intelligence issues and policy status based on data, and investigates the level of artificial intelligence in Korea.

For the efficient implementation of national informatisation projects such as national tasks, artificial intelligence transformation and digital innovation, we support the informatisation budget and propose policy directions to ensure financial stability. In addition, we support the safe entry into the AI era by discovering and diagnosing legal and institutional issues due to changes in the technological environment and laying an institutional foundation to lead the introduction and convergence of artificial intelligence in the national society.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Develop a national strategy and policy for AI and assess the impact of the proliferation of AI use.
  • Preparation of measures to increase the credibility of AI ethics, stability, etc.
  • Research global future megatrends and organising and operating future strategy networks
  • Research societal responses to AI and legal systems to improve trust
  • Research on the level of artificial intelligence in Korea (AI index) Policy support in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Research on digital policy and publication of the National Intelligent Informatization White Paper, the Informatization Policy Journal(academic journal), and the Yearbook of Information Society Statistics Survey
  • Support the drafting of the Basic Law on Intelligence and Informatization and related laws and regulations for the intelligence and informatization.
  • Supporting the formulation of medium and long-term information society policies, including the Comprehensive Information Society Plan
  • ISP (Information Society Strategic Plan) review and investment management support, private investment type SW business qualification survey and systems research.