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  We formulate the national strategies that open the era of intelligence.

The department supports the establishment of long-term national future strategies and policies on intelligent information society by identifying macro- and leading policy agendas depending on changes in the internal and external ICT environments and conducts studies of the mid-to-long-term outlooks.

The department presents development strategies for innovative growth by analyzing mid-to- long-term megatrends based on intelligent information technology and offers a knowledge information service including annual reports on intelligent informatization, national white papers on intelligent informatization, and diagnosis and analysis of social issues. In addition, the department analyzes AI issues and policies based on data to provide policy support and examines and analyzes the level of artificial intelligence in Korea.

The department proposes the policy direction for efficient financing of national informatization projects by supporting budget allocation to promote national informatization projects including the national agenda and digital transformation. In addition, the department supports entering the intelligent information society in a safe and convenient way by predicting and diagnosing the legal and institutional issues along with changes in the technological environment and laying the institutional foundation that will lead the digital transformation across the nation.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Support the establishment of mid-to-long-term policies on intelligent information society including a master plan
  • Study future megatrends and develop mid-to-long-term strategies for intelligent society
  • Publish annual reports on intelligent information society, national white papers on intelligence, and informatization policy journal papers (academic journals)
  • Study and analyze statistics on informatization and publish statistics
  • Support policies relating to AI such as conducting surveys on the AI Index in Korea
  • Support the systematic management of the national informatization plan throughout the entire cycle (plan-do-check-act), budget, and performance
  • Support the improvement of the legal system for intelligent society
  • Study the legal system to realize intelligent information society and respond to future paradigm shifts