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ICT Policy Formulate national strategies to open the way towards future intelligent society Future Strategies icon
  • Establishment of Data-based Policies

    • Develop mid-to-long-term ICT strategy and national ICT master plan
    • Develop leading policy agenda in response to changes in ICT environment in and out of the country
  • Development of Strategies for the Intelligent Society

    • Conduct research on future megatrend to propose development strategies for innovation growth
    • Develop mid-to-long-term strategy for intelligent society
  • Promote Financial Efficiency to Maximize Performance in National Informatization

    • Support budget formulation for the promotion of leading national information service initiatives
    • Support systematic management of national informatization cycle
  • Enhancement of ICT in Legal System for Realization of Intelligent Society

    • Support maintenance of ICT Laws
    • Study on the improvement of the legal system for implementing intelligent society and responding to future paradigm shift