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  We're opening up and sharing all open data so people, companies and governments can work together to solve social problems and create new value.

The Department of Open Data opens up valuable data that people and businesses want in a convenient way and makes it easy for everyone to use it.

To make Korea the best country for data, we are establishing a basic plan for open government data, operating the Open Government Data Portal (, a government-wide open data delivery system, and supporting businesses in the use of open government data.

To improve the quality of open data, we are establishing open data standardization and supporting innovation in the entire data value chain, from construction and opening to distribution, analysis and use.

We will also promote data sharing among administrations and public agencies to innovate data-driven working methods, and support the use of data in policy formulation.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Establish medium- and long-term strategies for promoting open government data, as well as basic and implementation plans.
  • Support the promotion system by formulating open government data policies, revising laws, guidelines and manuals, and evaluating the actual situation.
  • Supporting enterprises using open government data and pre-startup enterprises
  • Help activate the use of open government data and discover and expand new data.
  • Supporting the establishment and implementation of mid- to long-term open data plans and improving the use of open data
  • Create an industry ecosystem by opening, using and preserving open government data
  • Supporting the establishment and operation of data platforms to manage, deliver, and use open government data
  • Establish an open data management system, quality management and standardization system, quality management level evaluation system, and quality certification system.
  • Establish and operate a government-wide data integration management platform and establish a data sharing foundation
  • Support the integration, linkage and management of metadata and data relationship maps
  • Establish, operate and support national standard data
  • Public big data policy planning and service discovery
  • Survey and research on policies, legal systems, and technologies to revitalize data-based government
  • Supporting statistical survey and data analysis to revitalize data-based administration
  • Support for strengthening the public sector's ability to use data analysis