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  We create social and economic value by opening and utilizing public data and lead digital innovative growth.

The Department of Open Data provide access to high-quality data required by the public and companies in a convenient way and support the utilization of the data.

In order to make Korea a country that handles data well, we establish a basic plan on open data, operate a public data portal (, which is a system that provides governmentwide public data, and provide comprehensive support to companies that utilize open data.

In order to improve open data quality, we standardize the rules for open data and support innovation throughout the whole life cycle of the data value chain from establishment, opening, distribution, analysis, and utilization.

As the scientific administration era begins, we promote joint data utilization among administrative and public institutions and support the utilization of data in policy establishment.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Establish mid-to-long-term implementation strategies and basic plans and action plans for open data
  • Promote the use of open big data including policy planning, service identification, and standardization
  • Streamline similar services that overlap with private service and operate the Strategic Committee and Dispute Resolution Committee
  • Support the growth of companies by promoting the use of open data or starting a business based on open data
  • Develop open data standards, identify and expand new data, and support the utilization of data
  • Support the establishment and operation of platform such as open data management and provision
  • Support open data quality control, standard system establishment, and dissemination
  • Establish and expand open data global partnerships
  • Study and examine the policies, legal systems, and technologies to promote data-based administration
  • Identify, establish, and disseminate new and standard analysis models for public big data
  • Support the establishment of a foundation for open big data sharing, analysis, opening, and utilization
  • Promote the joint utilization of governmentwide data and improve the foundation for utilization