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  We are opening a better digital world together with the public.

The Department of Digital Government supports the entire process of realizing digital government from planning policies, doing business, and monitoring the performance.

For the successful digital transformation of the government, we plan and research digital government policies, and promote e-government support projects with a focus on building a common foundation for cross-ministerial digital government and linking multiministerial projects. In addition, we support the promotion and implementation of key digital government innovation tasks such as revitalization of “My Data” in the public sector and full conversion of administrative and public institutions to the cloud.We also create the digital government ecosystem by establishing laws and institutions for e-government and improving the order placement and receipt system and supports digital government performance management such as operation and performance management of the governmentwide information system, governmentwide information resources and EA promotion, prior consultation system for e-government projects.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Support the establishment of mid-to-long-term implementation plans for digital government
  • Plan policies on digital government and conduct research
  • Implement digital government innovation projects, provide technical support, and support the operation of governmentwide governance
  • Improve and study laws and institutions relating to e-government
  • Support e-government performance management by operating the governmentwide information system, performance management, and prior consultation
  • Support governmentwide information resources management and EA promotion
  • Improve and operate the order placement and receipt system such as PMO and supervisor
  • Establish public “My Data” policy and implement projects
  • Promote the opening of digital government service
  • Provide technical support for digital government by improving the standard framework and upgrading e-government
  • Identify e-government support projects, implement projects, and expand intelligent service
  • Plan transition to cloud in the administration and public sector and implement projects