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  We create a comfortable and happy society for all citizens through early adoption of digital platforms by government.

The Department of Digital Platform Government supports AI, data and cloud-based strategy formulation, policy planning and implementation systems for the successful digital transformation of the government, and promotes core tasks for the implementation of digital platform government, such as activating public MyData, Opening of Digital Services, building Benefit Alerts, and transforming the cloud front of native-based administrative and public institutions.

It also creates a digital government ecosystem by establishing e-government laws and systems and improving the procurement and ordering system, and supports digital government performance management by operating and managing whole-of-government information systems, activating whole-of-government information resources and EA, and operating a prior consultation system.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Policy planning and research, including the development of digital platform government policies and strategies
  • Support for regulatory innovation and legal system improvement for the implementation of digital platform government
  • Support for digital platform government core infrastructure planning and platform development
  • Specialised technical support for the promotion of digital platform government
  • Planning and promoting intelligent government services based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile technology
  • Operation of performance management systems such as efficient management of government information resources and prior consultation
  • Improve and operate systems related to informationisation projects such as Information System Audit, PMO and procurement
  • Establishing public MyData policy and business promotion
  • Establishing proactive and customised service alerts and supporting the work of national secretaries
  • Identify and promote e-government support projects and performance management
  • Establish digital government service opening policy and platform construction and operation
  • Improve and promote standard e-government framework functions
  • Establish mid- to long-term plans for public sector cloud transformation and legal system improvement
  • Promote cloud transformation projects for administrative and public institutions