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ICT Infrastructure & Platform Lead the way towards future intelligent society by building and expanding hyper-connected intelligent infrastructure and continuously endeavoring to drive technological developments in the public and private sector Surpport icon
  • Laying the Foundation for Hyper-Connected Intelligent Infrastructure

    • Promote 10Giga Internet service, build and expand hyper-connected intelligent network
    • Build and operate 5G Testbed & KOREN(Korea Advanced Research Network)
  • Improving Network Access for Greater Inclusivity in Telecommunications

    • Expand bus Wi-Fi to save on data communication charges
    • Evaluate the quality of communication service such as 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi and Giga-Internet
    • Verify technological feasibility of Public safety-LTE(PS-LTE) networks, develop and promote application service by utilizing PS-LTE
  • Improving the Use Environment for Info-Communication in Public Sector

    • Facilitate provision of higher quality and lower price National and Public Info-Communication services
    • Establish school Wi-Fi infrastructure and provide technical assistance
  • Facilitating Cloud Computing in Public Sector

    • Establish systems & policies and provide professional technical assistance to promote cloud computing in public sector.
    • Operate Cloud Promotion Center in Public Sector.
    • Promote Cloud services distribution in Public sector
    • Sustained development and ecosystem expansion of open cloud platform(PaaS-TA)
  • Quality Improvement in E-govenment Services

    • Establish Policies, provide Professional technical assistance and operate eGovFrame Center for eGovFrame
    • Provide professional technical assistance for e-government service
  • Smartwork Environment for Improved Work Efficiency and Work-Life Balance

    • Construct and operate Public Sector SmartWork Center
    • Promote Smartwork Utilization
    • Operate and connect Video Conference Common Platform