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  We are leading the national digital innovation by implementing an intelligent AI infrastructure.

The Department of AI Technology & Infrastructure leads the national digital innovation through research, development and demonstration of national AI technology standards and the establishment of intelligent infrastructure

  • It supports the introduction of optimal AI technologies in key national sectors, such as national defence and education, through the timely use and implementation of the rapidly developing advanced AI technologies and infrastructure (cloud, network, etc.)

    To promote the use of cloud in the public sector and the creation of an open cloud national ecosystem, it implements the establishment of cloud policies, provides professional technical support, and supports the operation of the digital service contract system, which serves as the infrastructure for digital innovation and AI.

    Finally, To support the industrialisation of quantum technology and quantum-based digital innovation, we will establish a comprehensive support system for the quantum field and create a quantum industry ecosystem

  • Roles and responsibilities

    • Establishing AI technology strategies and developing application plans for the public sector
    • Consulting and technical support for spreading the application of artificial intelligence technology in fields such as defense and education
    • Supporting the development and application of AI technology standards and guidelines
    • Demonstration of AI technology standards and support for utilization resources by field
    • Establishing public-private cooperation governance and internal and external cooperation to promote the adoption of AI technology
    • Specialized technical support for the development of AI-based services, such as large language models
    • Establishing policies and institutional improvements to support technical support for the spread of public sector cloud and activation of private SaaS
    • Promoting open cloud platform and support platform expertise
    • Planning and promoting crisis response projects through public-private cooperation based on intelligent information technology
    • Policy support and operation of specialized digital service contract system
    • Building of platform for quantum technology/ Building of foundation for commercialization in quantum technology / Planning and management of quantum cluster (Establishment of testbed for quantum technology)
    • Planning Intelligent network policies such as 5G and Open RAN
    • Establishing and Operationg of 5G convergence service test bed, hyperconnected intelligent research and development network, artificial intelligence network center
    • Demonstrating and Expanding of commercialization of optical communication parts and equipment
    • Provide consulting and technical support to promote the application of 5G technology in fields such as national defense
    • Demonstrating 5G convergence services in the private industrial sector
    • Promoting the public sector information and communication service projects, such as national organizations and local governments
    • Providing specialized technical support for network development in the area of disaster safety and supporting for communication safety management policies
    • Public Wi-Fi policy planning, establishing and operating
    • Assessing the quality of communication and broadcasting services and expanding service coverage
    • Establishing 5G government business network, discorvering and applying 5G convergence services
    • Promoting school information and communication service business, establishing and operating wireless infrastructure
    • Improving the Internet environment in communication-poor areas and Solving the digital divide