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  We are leading the national digital transformation by realizing hyperconnected intelligent infrastructure.

The Department of ICT Infrastructure & Platform establishes hyperconnected intelligent infrastructure such as future networks and cloud throughout society and leads the national digital transformation by continuous sophistication and dissemination.

The department creates future network foundations by introducing and upgrading new network technologies proactively and supports the communications welfare of the public and improvement of service quality.

The department promotes the utilization of cloud in the public sector by providing support for cloud policy establishment and technology and creates open-platform-based cloud ecosystems.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Establish and operate a 5G convergence service test bed and hyperconnected intelligent research and development network, establish and expand the quantum cryptography infrastructure, hyperconnected intelligent network, and next-generation internet
  • Provide quality control and technical support for the communications network to respond to disasters and support the safe management of communications equipment
  • Establish and provide national information communications service and school net service and promote the use of such services
  • Expand the establishment of public Wi-Fi service and evaluate communications service (5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, giga internet, etc.)
  • Establish and operate wireless infrastructure in schools and provide technical support
  • Establish policy for the public sector cloud, provide technical support, and operate the public cloud support center
  • Promote the vitalization of cloud service distribution in the public sector
  • Upgrade the open cloud platform (PaaS-TA) and vitalize the ecosystem