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  We strengthen global leadership based on international cooperation in the ICT and digital government sector.

The Department of Global ICT Cooperation is making an effort to ensure that Korea serves as an exemplary model in the digital era for the international community by sharing Korea’s digital innovation achievements, such as digital platform government, with developing countries and global citizens around the world in the hyperconnected era where digital has become a part of daily life with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The department contributes to elevating national status in the international community by making an effort to globalize digital platform government, which is one of the priorities of the current government, and enter the overseas market through close cooperation with global partners.

We promote digital transformation in developing countries where ICT development is slow and where the economic situation is not supportive by using various measures such as consulting on ICT and digital government in cooperation with developing countries and international organizations, joint IT projects between nations, and holding various forums. In particular, we support Korean companies to enter developing country markets through the Digital Government Cooperation Center (DGCC) located in major bases of developing countries and strengthen cooperation in the digital sector through Information Access Centers in developing countries.

We support developing countries in developing their capabilities to promote digital transformation on their own by capacity building for government officials in developing countries and people-to-people exchanges such as dispatching World Friends ICT Volunteers, overseas ICT policy decision-makers’ cooperation channel, and international cooperation in the digital government area.

We provide insight into ICT and digital government and nurture digital talents by providing customized training such as offering a digital government consultant development course and ICT convergence capacity building for high-ranking government officials.

Requests for additional information or cooperation can be made on the portal site of the Department of Global ICT Cooperation (

Roles and responsibilities

  • Promote Korea’s excellent digital innovation policies overseas and disseminate them around the world
  • Respond to global policies preemptively such as digital platform government and by expanding networks
  • Cooperate on digital transformation by providing ICT and digital government consulting
  • Support Korean companies’ entry into overseas markets in the areas of ICT and digital government
  • Improve the digital access and use environment in developing countries
  • Expand World Friends ICT Digital Volunteers and information cooperation on digital area
  • Provide high-quality education as an agency dedicated to ICT and digital governance