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  We secure competitiveness to promote a data-driven economy.

The Department of Data establishes and offers the data required for AI learning and large volumes of data required by companies.

The data for AI learning are the data that are essential for AI training programs and developing relevant services. The NIA establishes large-scale AI learning data for which the demand will be high in the future and makes the data available on the AI-Hub site. We make the data available for everyone including SMEs, researchers, and students, thus contributing to the promotion of the AI industry.

The department also supports the entire cycle of data from production, collection, analysis, distribution, and utilization by establishing and operating a big data platform. The quality data accumulated in the big data platform in each area are provided with additional information such as location based on an integrated data map service so that companies can easily find and utilize the data. In addition, the department supports the data analysis and utilization of companies and institutions by providing consulting services on the use of data by SMEs and conducting data pilot projects. For the safe use of data, we operate the K-ICT Big Data Center and an agency specializing in combining pseudonymous information.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Support the development of policies and measures relating to intelligent data
  • Operate the integrated data support center
  • Establish and operate the AI Hub and identify and establish AI data
  • Support the utilization of AI data quality management
  • Establish a big data platform and lay the foundation for the use of big data
  • Nurture big data centers and manage performance
  • Implement application services using data and establish the foundation for consulting, analysis, and distribution
  • Support the condition for data-based start-ups, commercialization, and transactions
  • Operate the K-ICT big data center, operate an agency specializing in combining pseudonymous information, and support the safe utilization of data