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  We are leading the revitalization of the nation's data economy at the center of data.

The Department of AI Data provides data infrastructure and expertise to support national data policies and ecosystem revitalization, and provide data and big data for AI learning, and secure data use.

First, it supports national data policies under the Intelligence and Information Society Act and the Data Industry Act, and performs the function of "the data integrated support center" under the Intelligence and Information Society Act.

It also builds and provides data essential for AI learning for AI research and the development of technologies and services. Since 2017, we have opened more than 600 types of learning data through the AI Hub, contributing to the revitalization of the AI industry by enabling everyone, including SMEs, ventures, researchers, and university students, to use the data. Beginning in 2024, we will build large-scale language data needed to build super-scale AI and generative AI.

In addition, we will support the construction and operation of big data platforms and centers to support the entire cycle of data production, collection, analysis, distribution, and utilization in each field through public-private cooperation.

Beginning in 2024, we will build a national data infrastructure that supports the free flow and utilization of data without distinguishing between public and private data, to establish a new data order and promote the distribution and utilization of data.

Also, we are operating the K-ICT Big Data Center, a specialized agency for combining pseudonym information, and data security zones to support the analysis and use of data by SMEs and the secure use of data based on new technologies.

Finally, we carry out international cooperation projects based on Korea's advanced data policies and initiatives.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Supporting the development and implementation of national data policies
  • Overall operation of the data integration support center
  • Establishing and operating an artificial intelligence (AI) hub
  • Planning, construction and opening of artificial intelligence learning data
  • Support for quality management and activation of use of artificial intelligence learning data
  • Establishment and operate the national data infrastructure
  • Build a big data platform/center and create an activation base
  • Big data analysis and utilization support
  • Promoting data flagship projects to detect future issues and resolve social issues
  • Supporting the operation of K-ICT big data centers
  • Supporting the secure use of data, such as specialized agencies for combining pseudonym information and the operation of data security zones.
  • Global cooperation and business initiatives based on data.