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Project Overview

The Information Technologies Cooperation Center (ITCC)
The Information Technologies Cooperation Center (ITCC) is a bilateral project between Korea and a partner country.

ITCC serves as a ‘window for cooperation’ between Korea and the partner country in the field of IT and coordinates bilateral cooperation Activities including :
  • Provision of technical support and consultation necessary for IT development
  • Developing and carrying out joint projects in the fields of IT
  • Sharing IT technology and experiences

Operation Framework

The Korean government provides a cash contribution of 1 million USD and the partner country contributes in kind (office space, local personnel, and operation support) for a 3-year term.

IT Cooperation Centers (2003~)

IT Cooperation Centers (2003~)
Partner Country Supervising Ministries Operating Organizations Location Operation Period
Mexico MOPAS (Korea) SCT (Mexico) NIA (Korea) E-Mexico INFOTEC (Mexico City) '03.10 ~ '06.11
Chile MOPAS(Korea) MOE (Chile) NIA (Korea) Univ. of Chile U of Chile (Santiago) '04.4 ~ '06.9
Turkey MOPAS (Korea) MOT (Turkey) NIA (Korea) TURKSAT (Turkey) TURKSAT (Ankara) '07.3 ~ '09.12
South Africa MOPAS (Korea) MESI (South Africa) NIA (Korea) MESI (South Africa) MESI (Pretoria) '08.10 ~ '10.12
Bulgaria MOPAS (Korea) MTITC (Bulgaria) NIA (Korea) Sofia Univ. (Bulgaria) Sofia Univ. (Sofia) '10.9 ~ '12.12
Vietnam MOPAS(Korea) MIC (Vietnam) NIA (Korea) MIC (Vietnam) VTC (Hanoi) '11.6 ~ '13.6
Uzbekistan MOPAS (Korea) SCCICT (Uzbekistan) NIA (Korea) SCCICT (Uzbekistan) SCCICT (Tashkent) '13.3 ~ '15.12
Romania MSIP (Korea) MIS (Romania) NIA (Korea) ICI (Romania) ICI (Bucharest) '14.7 ~ '16.12
Colombia MSIP (Korea) MinTIC (Colombia) NIA (Korea) MinTIC (Colombia) MinTIC (Bogota) '14.10 ~ '16.12
Belarus MSIP (Korea) MCI (Belarus) NIA (Korea) DOI (Colombia) DOI (Minsk) ’17.01 ~ ’19.12
Brazil MSIP (Korea) MC (Brazil) NIA (Korea) DIA (Brazil) DIA (Brasília) ’17.02 ~ ’19.12


95.7% and 91.8% of the stakeholders in Vietnam and Bulgaria respectively expressed their satisfaction with ITCC operations according to the Annual Project Evaluation in 2012, which drew the attention of the media.

IT Cooperation Centers have carried out over 200 joint projects and technical assistance in the past.

Some examples include
Some examples include
Korea-Mexico ITCC
  • Developed a Strategic model for convergence to digital city
  • Initiated a pilot service of mobile civil applications for the public
  • Transferred Korean RFID technologies to Mexico
  • Provided consulting on the model of government information search service
Korea-Chile ITCC
  • Developed web-based informatization solutions for SMEs
  • Provided technology/policy advice on Wibro and T-DMB technologies to Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications
  • Developed RFID applications for Chilean libraries and garment industries
  • Provided IT education to approximately 1,000 Chileans
Korea-Turkey ITCC
  • Provided consulting for Turkey's next generation e-government projects
  • Provided advice to Turksat TV on constructing an e-government service platform
  • Established a Turksat e-government 2.0 service platform Participated in a Turkish government's e-education project
Korea-South Africa ITCC
  • Studied the current status and improvement schemes of ICT education in South Africa
  • Developed the guidelines for using embedded software jointly with Konkuk University
  • Developed multimedia-based educational materials jointly with Korea Education and Research Information Service
Korea-Bulgaria Center
  • Established eService Technology Framework(ETF) adopting Korea eGovFrame
  • Conducted an eService project for Bulgarian Railway Agency
Korea-Vietnam Center
  • Established information system on state management operations at local level
  • Conducted pilot project on emergency calling based on GPS and mobile devices
Korea-Uzbekistan Center
  • Conducted Business Process Reengineering(BPR) project for Uzbek government
  • Developed administration code standardization guideline

Some examples include
ITCC Join Projects IT Consulting Workshop, Seminar and HR Exchange, etc
Korea-Mexico 11 24 51
Korea-Chile 27 34 43
Korea-Turkey 9 31 18
Korea-South Africa 14 13 13
Korea-Bulgaria 10 5 12
Korea-Vietnam 26 13 18
Korea-Uzbekistan 5 8 5
Total 102 128 160