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President Senior Vice President
Auditor Audit Office
  • Office of Planning and Management
    Planning and Coordination Team Human Resources & Performance Management Team General Management & Public Relation Team Finance Management Team
  • Department of ICT Policy
    Policy Planning Team ICT Investment Performance Center Future Strategy Center
  • Department of Global ICT Cooperation
    Global ICT Planning & Project Team E-Government Global Cooperation Team NIA Global Academy
  • Department of ICT Convergence
    Planning and Management Team Healthcare and Welfare Team Education and Culture Team Land, Transport and Environment Team Economy and Industry TF
  • Department of Digital Culture
    Digital Culture Planning Team Digital Inclusion Team Cyber Ethics Team Internet Addiction Prevention Center
  • Department of Government 3.0
    Government 3.0 Planning Team Open Data Innovation Team Open Data Development Team
  • Department of E-Government
    E-Government Planning Team E-Government Project Team E-Government EA & Performance Team Intelligent Government TF
  • Department of ICT Platform & Services
    Intelligent Information Technology Team Cloud Team Network Team Big Data Center