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Project Overview

The Information and Communication Technology Cooperation Center (ITCC)
The Information and Communication Technology Cooperation Center (ITCC) is a bilateral project between Korea and a partner country.

ITCC serves as a “window for cooperation” between Korea and the partner country in the field of IT and coordinates bilateral cooperation activities including:
  • Provision of technical support and consultation necessary for IT development
  • Developing and carrying out joint projects in the fields of IT
  • Sharing IT technology and experiences

Operation Framework

The Korean government provides a cash contribution of 1 million USD and the partner country contributes in kind (office space, local personnel, and operation support) for a 3-year term.

ICT Cooperation Centers (2003~)

ICT Cooperation Centers (2003~)
Partner Country Supervising Ministries Operating Organizations Location Operation Period
Mexico MOPAS (Korea) SCT (Mexico) NIA (Korea) E-Mexico INFOTEC (Mexico City) '03.10 ~ '06.11
Chile MOPAS(Korea) MOE (Chile) NIA (Korea) Univ. of Chile U of Chile (Santiago) '04.4 ~ '06.9
Turkey MOPAS (Korea) MOT (Turkey) NIA (Korea) TURKSAT (Turkey) TURKSAT (Ankara) '07.3 ~ '09.12
South Africa MOPAS (Korea) MESI (South Africa) NIA (Korea) MESI (South Africa) MESI (Pretoria) '08.10 ~ '10.12
Bulgaria MOPAS (Korea) MTITC (Bulgaria) NIA (Korea) Sofia Univ. (Bulgaria) Sofia Univ. (Sofia) '10.9 ~ '12.12
Vietnam MOPAS(Korea) MIC (Vietnam) NIA (Korea) MIC (Vietnam) VTC (Hanoi) '11.6 ~ '13.6
Uzbekistan MOPAS (Korea) SCCICT (Uzbekistan) NIA (Korea) SCCICT (Uzbekistan) SCCICT (Tashkent) '13.3 ~ '15.12
Romania MSIP (Korea) MIS (Romania) NIA (Korea) ICI (Romania) ICI (Bucharest) '14.7 ~ '16.12
Colombia MSIP (Korea) MinTIC (Colombia) NIA (Korea) MinTIC (Colombia) MinTIC (Bogota) '14.10 ~ '16.12
Belarus MSIT (Korea) MCI (Belarus) NIA (Korea) MCI (Belarus) BelTeleKom (Minsk) ’17.03 ~ ’19.12
Brazil MSIT (Korea) MCTIC (Brazil) NIA (Korea) INATEL (Brazil) INATEL (Sao Paulo) ’17.03 ~ ’19.12
Kazakhstan MSIT (Korea) MDAI (Kazakhstan) NIA (Korea) ZERDE (Kazakhstan) ZERDE(Nursultan) ’20.04 ~
Malaysia MSIT (Korea) MCMC (Malaysia) NIA (Korea) TBD (Malaysia) TBD ’20.05 ~


93% of the stakeholders in Brazil and Belarus respectively expressed their satisfaction with ITCC operations for 3 years from 2017 to 2019.

IT Cooperation Centers have carried out over 300 joint projects and technical assistance in the past. Some examples include:

Some examples include
Some examples include
Korea-Mexico ITCC
  • Developed a Strategic model for convergence to digital city
  • Initiated a pilot service of mobile civil applications for the public
  • Transferred Korean RFID technologies to Mexico
  • Provided consulting on the model of government information search service
Korea-Chile ITCC
  • Developed web-based informatization solutions for SMEs
  • Provided technology/policy advice on Wibro and T-DMB technologies to Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications
  • Developed RFID applications for Chilean libraries and garment industries
  • Provided IT education to approximately 1,000 Chileans
Korea-Turkey ITCC
  • Provided consulting for Turkey's next generation e-government projects
  • Provided advice to Turksat TV on constructing an e-government service platform
  • Established a Turksat e-government 2.0 service platform Participated in a Turkish government's e-education project
Korea-South Africa ITCC
  • Studied the current status and improvement schemes of ICT education in South Africa
  • Developed the guidelines for using embedded software jointly with Konkuk University
  • Developed multimedia-based educational materials jointly with Korea Education and Research Information Service
Korea-Bulgaria Center
  • Established eService Technology Framework(ETF) adopting Korea eGovFrame
  • Conducted an eService project for Bulgarian Railway Agency
Korea-Vietnam Center
  • Established information system on state management operations at local level
  • Conducted pilot project on emergency calling based on GPS and mobile devices
Korea-Romania Center
  • Conducted a consulting on Romania’s PKI and Cyber Security
  • Provided Korea’s insight in building cloud computing system
  • Pilot Project for National Digital Library of Romania
Korea-Colombia Center
  • Conducted CERT training course
  • Consultancy for Colombia e-Trade master plan
  • BigData governance knowledge transfer
Korea-Belarus Center
  • Consulting on National Paperless Trade System
  • Expert Training on Information Security and CERT
  • Consultancy on National Digital Archiving System
  • Consultancy on the design of information system standardization and framework
Korea-Brazil Center
  • Consultancy on IoT (Smart Home, Smart Building) Service
  • Smart Farm Drone Monitoring System on LTE, 5G Network
  • Construction of IolT Experience Showroom
  • 5G AI Smart Campus Test Environment Demonstration

Some examples include
ITCC Join Projects Promotion of Entry into Foreign Markets Workshop, Seminar and HR Exchange, etc
Korea-Mexico 11 3 51
Korea-Chile 27 8 43
Korea-Turkey 9 25 18
Korea-South Africa 14 12 13
Korea-Bulgaria 10 5 12
Korea-Vietnam 25 5 18
Korea-Romania 6 6 14
Korea-Colombia 9 9 8
Korea-Brazil 3 9 11
Korea-Belarus 8 6 9
Total 122 88 197