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IT Cooperation Project

NIA is carrying out various projects to develop the economy and society, promote interests, and reinforce friendly relationship with partner countries through technical cooperation in form of joint tasks and consulting in the area of ICT.

NIA and partner countries each contribute 1 million dollars for a three-year span to carry out cooperation activities; from the year 2003 to 2019, we worked with 10 countries and carried out a total of 122 joint cooperative projects.

In addition, NIA is promoting cooperation in the areas of big data and AI with Kazakhstan and Malaysia from 2020 to 2022, in line with the government's New Southern and New Northern policies.

Operation Procedure of ITCP

Select a country for a partner country

○ Select a country from among countries that have signed an MOU with the MSIT on ICT cooperation and/or that have had active IT cooperation activities with Korea

Discuss on the operation and the cooperation area

○ Discuss on ITCP operation details including operation structure and method.

○ Discuss on the representative joint cooperation project and the implementation details.

Make consent on the operation details

○ Make consent on the operation details together with the designated operating agency of the partner country

 ※ Sign the CA (Collaboration Arrangement) or Make decision in the Joint ICT Committee

Hold Joint Steering Committee meeting

(each year)

○ Make approval for joint cooperation projects and the budget planning

 ※ Operation details of the Joint Steering Committee will follow the CA or decisions of the Joint ICT Committee.

Implement Joint Cooperation Projects

(each year)

○ Implement joint cooperation projects by selecting the Korean IT companies.

Evaluate the project outcome and plan for the next year

(each year)

○ Evaluate the joint cooperation project outcome of the year and plan for the projects in the next year.

Operation Structure of ITCP

Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) (Korea)


ICT Ministry

(Partner country)









National Information Society Agency (NIA) (Korea)


Designated Operating Agency

(Partner country)

Coordination, Support and Covering expenses for joint projects and joint programs


Coordination, Support and Covering expenses for building & facilities, joint projects and joint programs













Joint Steering Committee



- Provision of principles & guidance for the ITCP operation

- Identification of priority areas of cooperation

- Review and approval of joint projects and programs

- Monitoring of the status of joint projects and programs

- Review of the results of joint projects and programs

- Review and approval of financial statements and others





Advisory Group



Recommendations, Technical/policy consultation & input







Korea-Partner country ITCP


Operation history of ITCP (2003~)

Operation history of ITCP (2003~)
ITCP Duration Partner Ministry Partner operating agency
Korea-Mexico Oct.2003 ~ Nov.2006 SCT (Mexico) E-Mexico
Korea-Chile Apr.2004 ~ Sep.2006 MOE (Chile) Univ. of Chile
Korea-Turkey Mar.2007 ~ Dec.2009 MOT (Turkey) TURKSAT
Korea-South Africa Oct.2008 ~ Dec.2010 MESI(South Africa) MESI
Korea-Bulgaria Oct.2010 ~ Dec.2012 MTITC (Bulgaria) Sofia Univ.
Korea-Vietnam Jun.2011 ~ Jun.2013 MIC (Vietnam) AITA
Authority of IT Application
Korea-Romania Jul.2014 ~ Dec.2016 MIS(Romania) ICI
Korea-Colombia Oct.2014 ~ Dec.2016 MinTIC(Colombia) MinTIC
Korea-Brazil Mar.2017~ Dec.2019 MCTIC(Brazil) INATEL
Korea-Belarus Mar.2017 ~ Dec.2019 MCI(Belarus) MCI(Belarus)
Korea-Kazakhstan Mar.2020 ~ Dec.2022 MDAI(Kazakhstan) ZERDE
Korea-Malaysia Mar.2020 ~ Dec.2022 K-KOMM(Malaysia) MDEC

Examples of the Joint Cooperation projects

Examples of the Joint Cooperation projects
  • Developed a Strategic model for convergence to digital city
  • Initiated a pilot service of mobile civil applications for the public
  • Transferred Korean RFID technologies to Mexico
  • Provided consulting on the model of government information search service
  • Developed web-based informatization solutions for SMEs
  • Provided technology/policy advice on Wibro and T-DMB technologies to Ministry of Transportation and Telecom-munications
  • Developed RFID applications for Chilean libraries and garment industries
  • Provided IT education to approximately 1000 Chilean
  • Provided consulting for Turkey's next generation e-government projects
  • Provided advice to Turksat TV on constructing an e-government service platform
  • Established a Turksat e-government 2.0 service platform Participated in a Turkish government's e-education project
Korea-South Africa
  • Studied the current status and improvement schemes of ICT education in South Africa
  • Developed the guidelines for using embedded software jointly with Konkuk University
  • Developed multimedia-based educational materials jointly with Korea Education and Research Information Service
  • Established eService Technology Framework(ETF) adopting Korea eGovFrame
  • Conducted a eService project for Bulgarian Railway Agency
  • Established information system on stare management operations at local level
  • Conducted pilot project on emergency calling based on GPS and mobile devices
  • Conducted a consulting on Romania’s PKI and Cyber Security
  • Provided Korea’s insight in building cloud computing system
  • Pilot Project for National Digital Library of Romania
  • Conducted CERT training course
  • Consultancy for Colombia e-Trade master plan
  • BigData governance knowledge transfer
  • Consultancy on IoT (Smart Home, Smart Building) Service
  • Smart Farm Drone Monitoring System on LTE, 5G Network.
  • 5G AI Smart Campus Test Environment Demonstration
  • Consulting on National Paperless Trade System
  • Expert Training on Information Security and CERT
  • Consultancy on National Digital Archiving System
  • Consultancy on the design of information system standardization and framework
  • Educational training courses for employees in the field of data and Development of analytical cases based on big data using open source tools(R)
  • Building Platforms for big data analysis (Testbed) and use and building big data capacities through data governance and ethics education
  • Proceeding the development of analysis model and small scale services in cooperation with stakeholders(University, government organizations, etc)
  • Establishment of Ai-based Smart Farm Models in Malaysia
  • Proof of Concept (pilot) project Implementation of Ai based Smart Agriculture in Malaysia
  • Pilot System Establishment of AI-based Smart Agriculture in Malaysia