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Message from the President Welcome to National Information Society Agency!

“NIA(National Information Society Agency) creates new values as the leading institution for solving national and social issues with ICT.”

  • Today, we are entering the Intelligence Information Society, driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Intelligence Information Society will be a new realm of digital innovation in politics, economics, society and culture.
  • Developed countries in the world have specified the critical importance of the Intelligence Information Technology which strengthens national competency and solves social issues to discover growth opportunities.
  • With 31 years of experience in fostering national informatization, NIA will be the support tower for national CTO and CIO, enabling Korea to be in the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • NIA will continue to make the utmost effort in building Korea as the leading nation of Intelligence Information Society.
  • We promise to provide various yet, meaningful information from the history of informatization to technology trends and the outlook for the future Intelligence Information Society through the website.
  • Thank you.
  • President of National Information Society Agency Jong Sung Hwang