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Project Overview

“We provide tailored e-Government consulting for international cooperation”
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About ‘e-Government Consulting’
Korea supports partner countries building e-Government. The Korean government provides tailored consultation to partner countries for establishing informatization strategies and master plans or designing a relevant system based on Korea’s e-Gov. knowledge and experience. NIA’s consultants are experts and highly trained individuals possessing extensive experience of digital transformation in the public sector. They deliver high-level technical knowledge, including but not limited to the fields of e-Government, Smart city, Open government, Intelligent Transportation System, and e-Procurement. The maximum duration of a consultancy is six to nine consecutive months per year. Consultants deliver their knowledge and skills to the partner countries with Korean e-government experience and do work under any type of partnership agreement or any other cooperation program between the Republic of Korea and the partner country.
Operation process
Operation process
01 Conducting demand survey 02 Selecting countries 03 Dispatching Expert Group 04 Consulting 05 Report Sharing for the consulting
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Number of volunteers dispatched by year
Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total
Number of times 26 11 13 7 3 3 10 1 3 4 81
Countries 16 10 11 7 3 3 8 1 3 4 66