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Bridging the Global Digital Divide
IAC Serbia IAC Ghana
IAC Serbia IAC Ghana

Information Access Center (IAC)

Through this project, we establish Information Access Centers (IAC) equipped with the latest ICT facilities in public institutions, government departments, and national universities in partner countries in order to provide opportunities for the people to experience emerging technologies. Each center is equipped with an ICT complex room, an ICT training room, a seminar room, and a content production room in an area of approximately 330 square meters.

Each IAC is built as a customized model based on the needs of the partner country - it can be an ICT accessibility enhancement type, ICT capacity enhancement type, and business type. All IACs established around the world are operating a wide range of ICT projects involving emerging technologies (AI and IoT), programming, and e-government education for public officials with the aim of achieving ICT development of the country.

Once an IAC is built, the partner country is in charge of operating manpower and financial resources, while NIA is in charge of providing ICT expertise and advice for its operation. The IAC project helps partner countries promote independent ICT development through mutual cooperation, and strengthens the partnership in the ICT area.

"Since 2002, 62 IACs have been established at 50 countries worldwide."
Information Access Centers (IACs)
The Centers have been functioning as the hub for IT training, projects and continuous cooperation with Korea
*check below for the establishment status by year

How to Participate

Around 4 countries with strong potential and dedication for national IT development through bilateral cooperation are selected annually as IAC sites.

Application Process

Application Process

Other Details

Exemplary models
(1) (IAC Lounge) The center will increase the public’s access to the internet by providing Desktop PC, video conferencing system in Government, public institutions, and universities, etc.

(2) (IAC Mobile) The center is for bridging the digital divide between urban and rural areas in partner countries by providing vehicle-based IAC with Laptop PCs.

(3) (IAC DX) The center will help digital transformation by Korean informatization policy and experience and providing ICT equipment for emerging technologies (AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, etc).

(4) (IAC Mobile) The center will increase the public’s access to wireless internet in the Social Overhead Capital(SOC) in partner countries
Equipment of IAC
Equipment of IAC
Facilities Equipment
ICT Training
  • Best Environment for ICT Education
  • PCs, Printer, Scanner, Projector, A/V Equipment
ICT Complex Room
  • Free Access Internet for Everyone
  • PCs, Multi-function Printer, PDP TV Set
Seminar Room
  • Proper Space for Seminar, Conference, and class
  • PCs, Beam Projector, Video Conference, Equipment, Other A/V Equipment
Administrative Office
  • Office for 3 IAC Operators
  • PCs, Server, Multi-function Printer, Copy Machine
Annual IAC Establishment
Annual IAC Establishment
Year Nation
2002 Cambodia
2003 Romania, Vietnam
2004 Philippines, Bulgaria, Egypt
2005 Laos, Tunisia
2006 Indonesia, Nigeria
2007 Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kenya
2008 Guatemala, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh
2009 Morocco, Algeria, Paraguay
2010 Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Peru
2011 Nepal, Rwanda
2012 Vietnam(Center 2), Myanmar, Colombia, Ukraine, Ghana, Panama, Moldova
2013 Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Center 2), Ethiopia, Dominican Republic
2014 Belarus, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uganda
2015 Nicaragua, Vietnam(Center 3), Palestine, Bhutan
2016 Rwanda, Cambodia (Center 2), Georgia, Madagascar
2017 Serbia, Jordan, Paraguay (Center 2), Peru
2018 El Salvador, Malawi
2019 Colombia (Center 2), Vietnam(Center 4)
2020 Nepal, Uzbekistan (Center 2)
2021 Pakistan, Turkmenistan
IAC Blueprint Model

Application Process