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“Working together by sharing e-Government experiences and best practices”
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About ‘e-Government Cooperation Center(eGCC)
‘e-Government Cooperation Center (eGCC)’ has been launched globally as a cooperative project between Korea and partner countries. The Ministry of Interior and Safety (MOIS) and the National Information Society Agency (NIA) of the Republic of Korea have worked together to provide intensive support to international cooperation in the e-Government sector.

After signing MoU, the Korean government and the partner country each contribute budgets in operating eGCC accordingly. By building the e-Government Cooperation Center in a country that wishes to adopt the Korean model of the e-Government system, Korea and the partner country jointly run the center for 3 years. The e-Government Cooperation Center serves as a platform to support joint research projects, consultation on informatization policies, and exchange of IT technology and manpower.

eGCC process
Country Selection Opening eGCC Operation After closure of eGCC
  • Strategic decision based on cooperative relationship, willingness of partner country, etc.
  • High-level dialogue
  • Signing MoU
  • Hold a cooperation forum
  • 1 million dollars covered by Korean government
    (*amount of money that partner country covers needs to be discussed)
  • Dispatch of e-Gov experts
  • Capacity building program (training program), Consulting, etc.
  • Enhancing partner relationship by utilizing own budget of partner country or ODA budgets
eGCC Set-up Procedure
After signing the MoU between two countries, ‘Committee of e-Gov. Cooperation’ decides detailed contents for the eGCC.

History of eGCC
() Number of counts
eGCC process
e-GCC Project Consulting Workshop, Seminar, etc.
Korea-Bulgaria(‘10) 10 5 12
Korea-Vietnam(‘11) 26 13 18
Korea-Uzbekistan(‘13) 14 27 32
Korea-Indonesia(‘16) 12 21 24
Korea-Peru(‘17) 6 28 19
Korea-Kenya(‘17) 8 15 12
Total 76 109 117
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