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President Senior Vice President
Auditor Audit Office
  • Office of Planning and Management
    Planning & Coordination Team ESG Innovation Team Human Resources & General Affairs Team Finance Management Team Division of Management Support Information Security Team Safety & Eco-Friendly Team Information Management Team
  • Department of Digital Platform Government
    DPG Policy Planning Team DPG Service Team DPG Infrastructure Team Division of Digital Platform Government DPG Management Team Platform Innovation Team Division of Cloud Service Cloud Service Policy Team Could Service Transformation Team
  • Department of AI Policy
    AI Policy Research Team Future Strategy Team AI Law Center Center for Digital Investment and Performance
  • Department of AI Convergence
    AI Convergence Planning Team AI Service Innovation Team AI Convergence Diffusion Team
  • Department of AI Technology & Infrastructure
    AI Technology Strategy Team AI·Cloud Technology Innovation Team AI·Quantum Technology Fostering Team Division of Intelligent Network Network Strategy Team Network Service Team
  • Department of AI Data
    (Data Curation and Management Center)
    AI Data Policy Team AI Data Project Team AI Data Application Team AI Data Infra Team Data Service Innovation Team
    (Data Combination Center)
  • Department of Open Data
    (Open Data Center)
    Open Data Planning Team Open Data Platform & Utilization Team Open Data Infrastructure Team Data-Based Policy Team
  • Department of Digital Inclusionn
    New Digital Norm Team Digital Information Accessibility Team Digital Competency Development Team Digital Adverse Effect Mangement Team
  • Department of Global ICT Cooperation
    Global Digital Transformation Team Digital Government Cooperation Team Global Academy