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KRNIC (Korea Network Information Center) at

The Korea Network Information Center was established to effectively prepare for a drastic increase in demand for Internet addresses, and for rapid changes in Internet addressing systems, in order to promote the continuous growth of the Internet in Korea.

ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) at

To create and disseminate innovative technology and knowledge in the fields of information, telecommunications and electronics To research on standardization and security of technical information in the above-mentioned fields To provide technical guidance in the fields of information and telecommunication as a contribution to the social and economic development of Korea

KISA (Korea Information Security Agency) at

Korea Information Security Agency will continue to be the primary organization in building an information security infrastructure for a secure and safe information society in the new millennium. Furthermore, KISA will exert every effort to become an information security expert organization in the world.

KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Center) at

KERIS mission is to establish a comprehensive education and research information service network, which allows every citizen to gain free access to information they need anytime and anywhere. Constructing the best portal system for educational information Setting up a comprehensive service which provides both domestic and overseas information on education and research. Forming the biggest cyber education community which provides an open forum for active information exchanges

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6)

Vsix (Internet Protocol version 6)