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About Program

ITU CoE(Centre of Excellence) 2019-2022
In 2018, the NIA’s Global Academy was selected as part of the ITU-sponsored “Centres of Excellence” (CoE) in the field of ICT applications in the Asia Pacific region, providing professional training courses for executives in the public and private spheres around the world.

▶ ITU Academy :

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  • Competency Model : KAC

    Application Process

  • Operational Strategy

    • Providing capacity building programs on developing policies enabling digital transformation in Asia Pacific countries
    • Creating a synergy effect by co-planning and operating with Partner organizations(Each program has partner organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness)
    • Providing online and offline courses to improve accessibility for ITU Members
  • List of the courses for 2019
    List of the courses for 2019
    Course Title Date Venue Delivery mode No. of Participants Partners
    Smart Sustainable Cities, ICT Applications, and E-Government: Incorporating Data, Network, and AI Technologies for More Efficient Cities 15-18 Jul Jeju, Republic of Korea Face to face 24 WB, WeGO
    Artificial Intelligence: Overview and Applications 16-19 Sep Bangkok, Thailand Face to face 47 NBTC
    Digital Transformation and Digital Government(Online) 2-30 Nov - Online instructor led 122 SDU

▶ 2019 ITU CoE Online Course by NIA

  • Course Title : “Digital Transformation and Digital Government”

    This program will focus on understanding the policy trends of the digital transformation and the core technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and develop policy competencies for the planning of digital governments according to each country’s situation.
  • Learning outcomes

    • Understand digital transformation and learn key technologies
    • Understand domestic and overseas policy trends in response to digital conversion
    • Learn the policies and cases of domestic and foreign digital governments
    • Understand issues related to the establishment of digital government
    • Understand how to establish policies for a successful digital government

    Understand how to establish policies for a successful digital government
    Module 1 (Topic) Understanding Digital Transformation and Its Trend
        - Understanding digital conversion and leading technologies
        - Policy trends at home and abroad according to digital conversion
        - Case of digital government in the era of digital transformation
    Module 2 (Topic) Case of Digital Government Based on Emerging Technologies
        - Data-based digital government
        - Block chain/ 5G-based digital government
        - Digital government based on artificial intelligence
    Module 3 (Topic) Digital Government Issues and Key Strategies
        - Data opening, interoperability
        - Protection of personal information, resolution of digital divide
        - Success strategies for implementation of digital government

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  • (Upcoming Events) List of the courses for 2020

    (Upcoming Events) List of the courses for 2020
    Course Title Date Venue Delivery mode Partners
    Data-driven Governance 9-13 Nov Seoul&Incheon, Korea Face to face UNESCAP/APCICT
    Digital Platform with Emerging Technologies 23-26 Nov Bangkok, Thailand Face to face NBTC
    Government Innovation based on Emerging Technologies (Online) 4-29 Nov - Online Instructor Led* SDU

    * Online course is provided at ITU Academy platform