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  We are transforming public services by using and spreading AI.

The Department of AI Convergence is committed to fostering the integration and widespread adoption of AI, playing a pivotal role in elevating Korea to global AI leadership.

We actively develop models and plans for AI convergence services, explore related initiatives, and formulate policies to promote AI services within the public sector. Additionally, we offer guidelines for large-scale AI projects.

Through AI implementation, we lead pioneering projects in sensory AI and digitally-driven social problem-solving. Concurrently, we support the development of large-scale AI-based services, ensuring that both individuals and enterprises can experience tangible benefits in the short term.

In terms of AI diffusion, we champion innovative services applicable across various industries and regions. Leveraging AI technology through initiatives such as the Digital Twin Project, integrating AI across industries, the establishment of a foundation for activating national knowledge information (building an integrated platform for digital execution), and the Smart Village Project, we aim to drive transformative change

Roles and responsibilities

  • Develop AI convergence service models and advocate for related business plans.
  • Explore and endorse digitally-driven solutions for social issues and innovative models, such as AI convergence.
  • Support the identification and development of large-scale AI-based services.
  • Conduct surveys and research on domestic and international trends in AI convergence services.
  • Facilitate public-private and global cooperation in the field of AI convergence services.
  • Advocate for the enhancement of laws and systems to facilitate AI convergence services.
  • Identify and promote noteworthy AI projects for public benefit.
  • Champion policies and initiatives to connect and leverage national knowledge information.
  • Evaluate and analyze the outcomes of the comprehensive plan for intelligent informatization and its implementation.
  • Propel the digital transformation of local communities through the utilization of AI convergence technologies and services.
  • Identify and endorse national SOC infrastructure intelligence and digital twin initiatives.
  • Formulate informatization plans and provide counsel on extensive public investments and intelligent informatization projects.